Daily Journal

Jot down your thoughts every day. Keep them private, or publish online as a blog.

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A minimal interface to write down your thoughts daily with no distractions.


Your data is private and encrypted and available to only you, unless you decide to publish it. You can enable FaceID/TouchID to you journal private.


You can publish your individual posts online, and it will appear under your username. "dailyjournal.stream/@maail" This will be a paid subscription feature.

Custom Domains

You'll be able to publish your thoughts to a custom domain and be able to use this as a simple private blogging platfom. This will be a paid subscription feature.


The theme of the app will change daily with curated pictures from @unsplash

Journaling Cues

Curated list of journaling cues. That you can change on a simple tap depending on your mood.


Here's a video of the themes currently available on the app